Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgical procedures are used to repair damage to the eyelids, the tear duct system and the eye socket caused by physical trauma, congenital deformities, paralysis, tumors, aging or systemic diseases like Grave's Disease.

Available Ocuplastic surgical procedures and services include:

Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgeries

Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgery corrects ptosis, or congenital droopiness of the eyelids; entropion, or turning-in of the eyelids; ectropion, or turning-out of the eyelids; retraction of the eyelids from thyroid disease; and any eyelid difficulties caused by artificial eyes. It is also used to repair or reconstruct the eyelids following physical injuries or tissue removal for skin cancer.

Tear Duct Surgery

Blockage of the tear duct caused by aging, infection or trauma often causes excessive watering or recurrent eye-infections. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) or Jones' tube placement, which restores flow by surgically bypassing the blockage, is highly successful and durable.

Orbital Surgery

Reconstructive surgery of the bony eye socket is performed to remove tumors and growths that may occur inside the socket and correct the damage they cause, to correct the appearance of protruding eyes often caused by Graves Disease or hyperthyroidism, and to repair orbital anomalies caused by accident or injury. Surgery can involve repositioning of the bone or expansion of the bony socket.

Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery

The most common cosmetic oculoplastic surgeries include eyelid surgery, cheek lifts and brow lifts.

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