The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers world-renowned research and education programs.  We are an international leader in Rehab Medicine-related research, generating new insight into diseases and disorders, while developing new procedures and medications for treatment.  Our physicians and scientists examine the causes and workings of specific disorders as they aim to find more effective treatments.  

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine's current research portfolio includes the following:


Principal Investigator

Motor Control Laboratory Cathrin Buetefisch, MD, PhD
Digital Scholarship Enhancing Rehabilitation Laboratory Sarah Blanton, DPT
Neural Plasticity Research Laboratory Michael Borich, DPT, PhD
Motional Analysis Laboratory Trisha Kesar, PhD, PT
Exercise Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Laboratory Manning Sabatier, PhD, CSCS
INSPIRE Laboratory Randy Trumbower, PhD
Constraint Induced Therapy & Mixed Reality Laboratory Steve Wolf, PhD