Financing Fertility Treatment

Patient Options Information Sheet

Don't let financial challenges keep you from pursuing your dream of having a baby. Our practice is pleased to provide financial solutions and many different packages that will help you choose your best option.

The Emory Reproductive Center partners with ARC, a National Network of Premier Fertility Centers, to assist our patients with the challenge of infertility.

Cycle Option Packages: We offer package pricing for fertility treatments. Please contact ARC directly for exact pricing.

One-Cycle Plus: Most affordable, up to 2 cycles, one fresh and one frozen.

Two-Cycle Plus:  Up to 4 cycles, two fresh and two frozen.

Three-Cycle Plus: Up to 6 cycles, three fresh and three frozen attempts gives you the best chance for a baby. (Please refer to the Live Birth Chart for additional details.)

Refund Guarantee: As an additional option, we offer a One, Two, Three-Cycle and Donor Package that includes a money-back guarantee.

Cash or Credit Options: We accept the following forms of payment: cash/checks and all major credit cards. Patients can take advantage of any fertility treatment package with these forms of payment.

Financing Options: We have financial options to help you overcome any financial barriers and assist you in proceeding with care. Our affordable payment plans can be utilized for any package of services and can also include medications.

Contact ARC at 1-888-990-2727 or at for additional information, or watch this video on ARC services.

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