Cancer Research at Saint Joseph's Hospital

Oncology Clinical Trials are available to provide patients the opportunity to participate in the advancement of evidence-based medicine. From 1983 until May of 2013, clinical trials at Saint Joseph’s Hospital were offered through the Atlanta Regional Community Clinical Oncology Program (ARCCOP). The ARCCOP was a consortium of ten metro Atlanta hospitals, and Saint Joseph’s Hospital served as the coordinating office for the group. The ARCCOP was initiated by the National Cancer Institute to provide access to a wide range of community studies, and during its thirty-year existence, the ARCCOP enrolled more than 3,200 participants onto NCI-sponsored cancer treatment/cancer prevention/control trials.

In 2014, the ARCCOP dissolved, and Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital became an affiliate of the Winship Cancer Institute. Clinical trials are now offered both on campus at Saint Joseph’s and also at Winship Cancer Institute on the Emory University Hospital campus. Accrual to trials is managed through the Clinical Trials Office at Winship Cancer Institute. A clinical trials research coordinator and a clinical trials research nurse are available on-site with offices located in the Clinical Specialty Center on the Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital campus. Patients are notified of the availability of clinical trials through signage in public corridors and waiting rooms in the Clinical Specialty Center as well as the main lobby of Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Patients are also notified of the availability of trials during the consultations with medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and surgical oncologists. Accrual rates meet the minimum required 4% rate for Comprehensive Community Cancer Programs.

For more information about oncology clinical trials at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, call 678-843-7119.