Patient Experiences and Testimonials

Narratives by actual patients and their partners’ 
Despite the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery for prostate cancer, many patients and their partners experience a significant amount of concern and anxiety. We have provided some monographs below of experiences as described by patients and their spouses/life-partners about their robotic radical prostate surgery with Dr. Nikhil L. Shah. Many patients after surgery are amazed at how quickly they recover and how quickly they are able to resume activities.

Prostate Cancer is a Couples Disease!
Just as prostate cancer directly affects the patient’s quality of life, we often  neglect the affect that the cancer has on the quality of life of family caregivers, particularly the patient’s spouse or life-partner. Spouses play a central role in men’s choice of treatment and in maintaining their husband’s quality of life. Not only do spouses have legitimate need for support themselves, but the degree to which they are able to manage the stress associated with their husband’s prostate cancer has a direct effect on the quality of life of the couple as a whole. Treatment with Dr. Shah emphasizes treatment decisions with the couple as well as healing and recovery for the couple and not only the patient.

Below are some experiences related from a few of Dr. Shah’s couples treated for prostate cancer:

  1. Jim and June Webb
  2. Joel Griffin
  3. Andrew Wysor
  4. John and Jeannie Ayer 
  5. John and Nancy Hintz
  6. Phillip Causey