Heart Failure Program

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is not strong enough to pump enough blood to meet your body's needs. Many people -- physicians included -- do not realize that heart failure is often a lifelong, chronic condition that can be effectively controlled, even reversed, with the proper balance of medication, lifestyle changes and, occasionally, medical devices. Although some forms of heart failure are treated with surgery (coronary artery bypass surgery or valve replacements), most forms of the condition require long-term management from a team of heart failure experts, and this is precisely why Saint Joseph's started its Heart Failure Program.

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Saint Joseph's Heart Failure Program

Since 1987, the Saint Joseph's Heart Failure Program has provided Atlanta's most comprehensive management for heart failure patients. At Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, we treat all aspects -- inpatient and outpatient -- for all stages of heart failure management which include left ventricular assist programs, implantable hemodynamic monitoring, transplant evaluation and follow up care in conjunction with Emory University Hospital Transplant program, and more. Our Heart Failure Program has assembled a multidisciplinary team that puts our patients at the center. We offer an innovative, collaborative approach to heart failure management, for those newly diagnosed with heart failure as well as patients who have advanced heart failure.

Our Innovative Approach

For those newly diagnosed with heart failure, we provide you with a team of medical professionals who become part of your health care team, working together with your cardiologist. Because it's vital for you to be involved in your own care from the very start, we stress education. For example, we strongly encourage our new heart failure patients to attend Heart Failure University, a six-week program for patients and their families. We provide in-depth education about heart failure and give you the tools necessary to manage your heart failure, including information about proper nutrition, exercise, and medication.

Our post hospitalization program helps patients who have been discharged from a heart failure-related hospital admission to ensure that you return to your normal activities while maintaining the gains made during hospital treatment. You will meet with the heart failure team after discharge for assessing treatment options in conjunction with your primary cardiologist.  We also use the latest tools to help our patients successfully manage their symptoms and stay out of the hospital.

For patients whose heart failure is advanced to the point where medical and lifestyle management is not enough, we can offer other, more invasive therapies, including cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD), left ventricular assist device (LVAD), and heart transplant in conjunction with Emory University Hospital’s transplant program. For advanced heart failure patients whose congestive heart failure symptoms do not respond to conventional treatments, our clinical research program enables us to provide eligible patients with access to tomorrow's treatments today. Research not only benefits future patients, it also gives current patients -- especially those for whom standard treatments are not enough -- access to experimental treatments that might not be otherwise available to them.

Heart Failure Program Services

Heart Failure Disease Management (HFDM)
A comprehensive outpatient program designed to provide evidence-based medical management and self-care education to the patients with heart failure.

Ventricular Assist Device Program and Heart Transplant
Emory Saint Joseph’s remains a leader in cardiac care by providing advanced heart failure therapeutics which include  ventricular assist devices [destination therapy (DT) for those who are not transplant candidates as well as bridge to transplant (BTT)].  Additionally, a multidisciplinary team from Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Emory University Hospital, a CMS (Medicare) certified transplant center, work together to assist patients for heart transplantation from evaluation to transplant and then recovery.

Heart Failure University
Our patients are given the opportunity to attend six (6) one-hour educational classes that focus on self-care and understanding heart failure. This allows not only for self-growth through education but also it's great for networking with other heart failure patients. It is here that the Saint Joseph's Heart Failure Patient Facebook page was created.

Transitional Care Program
Offering a safe and smooth transition during the gray zone when one is discharged home from the hospital and the unpredictable month that follows. Patients will be monitored remotely for 30 days after hospitalization for heart failure. Our nurse practitioner will enroll interested patients in this program that allows for review of their blood pressure, weight, and symptoms of heart failure questionnaire daily, thus allowing for early detection and rapid treatment of any changes in patients heart condition.

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