Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center

Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital's Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center is available to serve patients who have non-healing or complex wounds or those who require pressurized oxygen delivery using hyperbaric technology. Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital is one of two hospital-based facilities in northern Georgia serving a very large geographic area. 

The Center treats both inpatients and outpatients with wounds from a wide range of causes such as trauma, surgery, venous or arterial  insufficiency, vascular disorders, infections, burns, irradiation, and toxins. Advanced wound care treatments such as vacuum assisted closure (VAC), living skin equivalents (Apligraf/Dermagraft), and growth factor (Regranex) application are available at the Center. Digital photo documentation is used to communicate with the referring physician in concise, visual, and measurable fashion regarding the patient’s progress.  

Emory Saint Joseph‘s Hospital  is uniquely qualified to manage even critically ill patients who may require hyperbaric therapy. With three state-of-the art Sechrist monoplace chambers, the hyperbaric unit can accommodate several simultaneous patients.

The Center’s physicians are Board Certified in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. A physician is in the Center at all times and available to evaluate patients for elective or emergency therapies. The Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center’s registered professional nurses are well-experienced and carry certifications in wound, ostomy, continence nursing or advanced certification in hyperbaric medicine therapies. Additional expertise and support is provided to the Center by Diversified Clinical Services, the premier provider of wound care and hyperbaric medicine service to acute care hospitals and the only such service to receive the JCAHO gold seal of approval.

For more information call 678-843-5390.