About our Patient Navigator

Patient Navigator for Prostate Cancer



Our Navigator can help coordinate appointments for the following team members:

  • Urologist
  • Surgeon
  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Oncology Social Worker
  • Oncology Dietitian

Renee Sevy-Hasterok, LMSW, OSW-C, Patient Navigator

Renee Sevy-Hasterok is a licensed social worker and certified oncology social worker specializing in prostate cancer care. She earned her bachelors and masters degrees in social work from Georgia State University, and has advanced training and experience with cancer survivors. Renee has been with Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta since 2002 and is the former coordinator of the Cancer Survivor's Network, where she oversaw all cancer education and support programs for the hospital. Before joining the Prostate Cancer Center in 2009, Renee served as Executive Director of the Men's Health and Wellness Center, Inc., a nonprofit men's health organization founded in 2007 by Dr. Nikhil Shah, formerly of Saint Joseph's.

As patient navigator for the Prostate Cancer Center, Renee assists patients and their families by helping them connect with physicians and others on the medical team, providing information and education about prostate cancer, facilitating monthly informational seminars and support programs, and coordinating screening events in the community. Renee serves an advocate for patients and someone that patients and their families know they can call with questions and concerns regarding their treatment. There is no fee for these services.

Additional services of the Patient Navigator include:

  • Secure consultation appointments with a surgeon and radiation oncologist so all treatment options can be considered
  • Answer questions that may arise between visits to the doctor
  • Provide basic information to help patients better understand prostate cancer and their treatment options
  • Assess psychosocial needs and provide hospital or community resources where needed
  • Provide referral to Oncology Social Worker, Oncology Dietitian, and Rehabilitation Services, as needed or recommended by physician
  • Connect patients with one another for peer support
  • Connect patients and their families with prostate cancer support groups at Saint Joseph's and the Winship Cancer Institute as well as in the community
  • Connect patients with other cancer programs and services at Saint Joseph's such as those sponsored by the Cancer Survivors' Network and community resources for services such as nutrition classes, yoga classes, and cancer education programs
  • Coordinate prostate cancer screening events for Saint Joseph's and in the community
  • Maintain content of PCC website.

To reach Renee, please call (678) 843-5665 or email renee.sevy@emoryhealthcare.org