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Cooperative Prostate Cancer Care and Support

The Prostate Cancer Center (PCC) at Saint Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia provides patients with a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating and treating prostate cancer. Currently the only Prostate Cancer Center of its kind in the southeast, our goal is to create an environment where men and their loved ones can become educated about the many options available in prostate cancer treatment, prior to making a decision, so they may make the best choice for their medical and social needs.

A prostate cancer center that is comprehensive and offers patients all appropriate treatment options requires that the hospital and physicians work collaboratively. Physicians affliated with the Prostate Cancer Center at Saint Joseph's are a renowned group of urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and other physicians who are involved in the research and practice of advanced and innovative prostate cancer treatment, seek to provide patients with such cooperative care.

Our Patient Navigator, Renee Sevy-Hasterok, coordinates access to all services offered by the Center and its members. Please call (678) 843-5665 or e-mail renee.sevy@emoryhealthcare.org to speak with Renee and learn more about what the Prostate Cancer Center at Saint Joseph's can do for you and your loved ones.

"Best Practice" Hospital for Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Care

Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta was designated a 2009 Best Practice Hospital for comprehensive prostate cancer care by the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). One of only five hospitals nationally to receive this designation in 2009, a "Best Practice" Hospital has an unwavering commitment to:

  • The most effective treatment options available for prostate cancer
  • Patient-focused care that emphasizes quality of life and informed patient decision making with all patients receiving information and education about all treatment options available to them in an unbiased and cooperative clinical environment
  • Personalized and coordinated care by a patient navigator who is specialized in prostate cancer care
  • An interdisciplinary medical team that has advanced training and expertise in prostate cancer care who meet on a monthly basis to review and consult on cases
  • Support services that focus on the "whole person" including resources for managing side effects of treatment, both physical and emotional, plus community resources for ongoing education, peer support, and complementary treatment options

The Prostate Cancer Center at Saint Joseph's follows the highest professional standards of care including protocols, guidelines and standards from:

To find out more about the Prostate Cancer Center at Saint Joseph's and how we can help you, please contact our Patient Navigator who will assist you in getting started.

The services of the Patient Navigator are not billed to you and are offered as a service to our patients and their families.

Renee Sevy-Hasterok, LMSW, OSW-C
Patient Navigator, Prostate Cancer Center at Saint Joseph's
Phone: (678) 843-5665
E-mail: renee.sevy@emoryhealthcare.org

Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta:

Only Hospital in Atlanta to Earn the Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence

Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year for excellence in nursing services with the Magnet Recognition. Designated by the American Nursing Credentialing Center, an affiliate of the American Nursing Association, Magnet is considered the gold standard of nursing care. Saint Joseph's was the third hospital in the world to receive this honor in 1995, the first hospital in Georgia and remains the only hospital in Atlanta to earn Magnet recognition.

"This fifth designation speaks to the near 20 year commitment Saint Joseph's has to its nurses and nursing services," says Kim Sharkey, chief nursing officer at Saint Joseph's. "Each redesignation is more rigorous than the last and requires untold dedication to 14 'forces' containing more than 160 criteria, continuous program development and documentation, shared governance for patient care and support from the entire nursing and administrative staffs."

Magnet redesignation occurs every four years. There are currently 321 hospitals in 43 states and the District of Columbia, and two international sites, which have achieved a Magnet level of nursing services.

The Magnet program was developed to recognize hospitals where nursing delivers excellent patient outcomes, where nurses have a high level of job satisfaction, and where there is a low staff nurse turnover rate and appropriate grievance resolution. Magnet hospitals also support nursing involvement in data collection and decision-making in patient care delivery. Magnet nursing leaders value staff nurses, involve them in shaping research-based nursing practice, and encourage and reward them for advancing in nursing practice. Magnet hospitals encourage open communication between nurses and other members of the health care team, and an appropriate personnel mix to attain the best patient outcomes and staff work environment.

"There is a strong correlation between good patient outcomes and good nursing care," says Sharkey. "Saint Joseph's nurses are involved in creating best care practices based on evidence-based practice and truly live the mission of caring for each patient's mind, body and spirit."

Since 2005, Saint Joseph's established The Kenneth E. Thomas Center for Nursing Excellence at Saint Joseph's and the Keough Nursing Research Center to help identify new ways to incorporate technology that enhance learning; focus on research to determine patient outcomes and satisfaction; support internal, external and collaborative research for nurses at the bedside; conduct research throughout the health system and asses the competencies and environments needed to foster nursing leadership.

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