Patient Success Story

Comments from Patients at the Heart Center for Women

"This letter is to thank the Heart Center for Women and Saint Joseph's Preventive Cardiology department for all that you have done for me since I made the life-enhancing, if not life-saving, decision to make an appointment with you for an evaluation of my heart health."

"Making the critical decision to have cardiac screening through your program has resulted in significant improvement in not only my heart health but also my overall health and well-being."

"Without you and the Saint Joseph's Heart Center for Women, I would not have known that I still had high blood pressure (despite having taken blood pressure pills for over a decade; that my high blood pressure had caused left ventricular hypertrophy (still reversible with medicine and life-style changes); that I am flirting with diabetes; that I have hypothyroidism and need medication for it; that my bones need attention, and that I have other health problems that need addressing. I thought I was fine even though, in my heart of heart, I knew I had felt better."

"Had I not made that screening appointment, I would have just kept on having that yearly physical and believing what I was told-that I was fine. I would never have had the tests I needed. Neither would I have received both verbal and written instructions as to what to do about any of my conditions. Making that appointment and following up with you were life-changing steps."

"I shall be forever grateful to you for your continuing interest in my health, your forthright communication with me concerning my conditions, your prescriptions, your diet recommendations, your advice concerning the value of exercising, your encouragement concerning my weight, and your referral services. Additionally, I shall be forever grateful to you for founding the Saint Joseph's Heart Center for Women. If only more women knew how important it is to take that first step to make that appointment!"

"I can't thank you enough for this program. I did go back one more time to my primary care doctor, so that I could give him your recommendations. When I told him that you recommended that I check for pre-diabetes, he said that I didn't need an endocrinologist. I just needed education. As it happens, I did go to the endocrinologist, who confirmed your suspicions and placed me on Metformin. It's a miracle. Last night, I slept the whole night without waking for the first time in several years. My appetite is normal and I don't know how many years it's been since I could say that. I can even see better. I know it's cliche', but you guys have truly given me back my life."

"My doctor said that I was just throwing away my money, even after I showed him the results. He did ultimately agree that I needed a sleep study and you were right again. I do have sleep apnea, and I'll be going for a second sleep study soon (to be fitted with the mask). All that being said, I wouldn't have gotten any treatment if it weren't for your program. Money well spent. A million thank-yous. And a million more."

"I think if doctors see someone come into their office obese, they ought to figure right-away that something is broken. Now t I see what a normal appetite is. I also know from the endocrinologist that the pre-diabetes is probably the culprit of my menstruation problems that started in 2002. In 2003, I had to get a uterine ablation for a period that wouldn't stop. Six years ago and I don't know how many pounds ago, I could have been spared so much - from public condemnation for being obese to terrible stresses on my body and my organs."

"You have a critical program for women. There are biases in the healthcare profession and women need healthcare workers who can see past that."