Prevention Programs


Cardiac Rehab- A comprehensive, outpatient program designed to help this patients with heart disease or known cardiac risk factors live full, productive lives.  Individualized exercise plans are provided after an evaluation of each patient’s health status, fitness level and personal goals. Patient’s are supervised by the medical director, nurses and exercise specialists. A case manager follows each patient’s progress through the program. Education components are provided to assist each individual with necessary behavior modifications for reducing risk factors for heart disease. For more information, call 678-843-7633.

Weigh To Go- A weight loss program that focuses on lifestyle change to facilitate long-term weight reduction through proper eating habits and exercise. This is a group-based class that is taught by Dietitians, Registered Nurses, Exercise Physiologists and a Medical Psychologist. Weekly meetings incorporate topics such as meal planning, label reading, portion control, stress management and the psychological aspects of overeating. Through education and peer support, participants are able to combat the yo-yo effect of crash dieting. For more information, call 678-843-5699.

Smoking Cessation Program- Saint Joseph’s Knock Out Nicotine Addiction program contains all of the elements that have been found to be meaningful in helping smokers quit. It addresses the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of the smoker. The program makes use of group interaction to encourage and support change. It helps smokers to realize the importance of stopping tobacco use in order to live longer and improve the quality of their life. For more information, call 678-843-7633.

1st Responders Program- An advanced risk factor evaluation that is specifically designed for firefighters, EMTs, police force and other members of the community that are involved in emergency services.  Previous research suggests that this population of people are more at risk for heart disease due to the nature of their profession. This program provides a variety of cardiovascular tests at reduced pricing to ensure that these providers are protecting themselves while protecting us. For more information, call 678-843-5112.

CV Screening- A community based program that reaches out to churches, businesses and other community groups by offering a wide variety of screening packages. This can include a basic screening such as blood pressure or a more detailed screening to include blood work and other advanced screening tests.  Each person receives individual counseling and explanation of results.  Why not consider a screening package along with an educational lunch and learn? This is a great way to ensure that employees lead a healthy lifestyle and are doing their best to prevent heart disease. For more information, call  678-843-5112.