Programs and Services

How we can help

When you make an appointment at Saint Joseph’s Heart Center for Women, we take a comprehensive history and risk assessment, as well as perform a physical exam. We provide a full range of preventive services, including a lipid profile, dietary consultation, weight reduction counseling and risk factor education. We also can perform comprehensive ultrasound screening exams on-site. If necessary, we provide further cardiac testing through Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Georgia’s only U.S. top 50 hospital.

In addition to individual consultation and assessments, Saint Joseph’s Heart Center for Women works to educate the community about women’s cardiovascular disease through community events and programs, continuing medical education for physicians who care for women, and research clinical trials available through Saint Joseph’s Research Institute.

How you can help

  • Know the signs of heart disease
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you have any symptoms
  • Improve your diet by eating and cooking with less fat
  • Eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish
  • Exercise at least six times a week for 30 minutes
  • Reduce stress and make HEALTH a priority
  • If you smoke, STOP
  • Have a full lipid evaluation and discuss the results with your doctor
  • If you have diabetes, manage it with proper lifestyle and medications
  • Control your weight

Who’s at risk for heart disease?

  • Women with diabetes or those who need medication to control blood sugar
  • Women who had gestational diabetes or a baby weighing over nine pounds
  • Women who currently smoke or who smoked for more than 20 years
  • Women with high cholesterol, high LDL or low HDL
  • Women with high triglycerides
  • Women with a history of high blood pressure or blood pressure problems during pregnancy
  • Women who exercise less than 30 minutes a day
  • Women who are more than 20 pounds overweight
  • Women with a family history of cardiac, stroke or circulation problems
  • Women over 55 years or those past menopause

Screening Programs

Saint Joseph’s Heart Center for Women offers the following cardiac screenings:

Plan A - $75 Initial assessment for all women: Your initial screening includes computerized global risk assessment. Looking at factors such as age, sex, blood pressure, cholesterol results, c-reactive protein measurements, family history, pregnancy history, smoking history & hypertension history. Other components of the conseltation include:

  • Physical exam
  • Pregnancy history
  • Body mass index calculator
  • Waist circumference
  • Fasting Blood sugar test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Sleep disorder questionnaire
  • Depression questionnaire
  • Counseling and education
  • Exercise & weight management
  • Cholesterol management
  • CRP test
    Once your intitial assessment is completed, it will be determined if your results indicate the need for further testing. If so, it may be recommended that you proceed with one of the additional screenings:

Plan B - $50 Women with Intermediate Risk


  • Urine test to determine if early kidney disease

Hemoglobin A1C Test (HbgA1C)

  • Blood test to determine if risk of diabetes

Carotid Intima Thickness

  • Ultrasound of neck arteries to determine if early signs of vascular disease

Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)

  • Blood pressure test to check for circulation problems in the legs

Plan C - $50: Women with Hypertension or Diabetes

  • Microallbuminuria
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • EKG
  • Echo
Plan D $100: Optional-Recommended for Women with High Risk
Calcium Score(CAC)

CT of the coronary arteries which determins the amount of calcified plagues which identifies risk for blockage of arteries

For more information, please call 1-877-SJH-4HER.