Walk Through

Previous to appointment

When you call the center, our friendly and helpful staff will ask you a few questions about medical history to determine if you are an appropriate screening candidate.  You will have the opportunity to choose the type of screening package which interests you most.Once this has been determined, we will confidentially ask you some demographic and personal information. This information will then be forwarded to our registration/scheduling personnel who will arrange the date and time of your screening appointment.  After this has been established, you will receive some instructions and directions via  mail or e-mail.   The most important thing to remember is not to eat or drink anything other than water 8  hours prior to your visit.  You may be asked to download questionnaires from our website to bring to your appointment in an effort to use the allotted time more effectively. 

Day of appointment

When you arrive at the center, you will be greeted by our very competent nurse practitioner. She will ensure that your screening encounter is not only a comfortable,but an enjoyable experience as well. The setting is a private exam room with soft music and dim lights for are laxing environment.  After signing a few consents, a thorough history will be obtained and a cardiac-focused physical will be performed.   Some of the basic tests consist of blood work, EKG,blood pressures, BMI and waist circumference measurements.  Advanced tests include a screening echocardiogram (to evaluate for structural abnormalities of the heart), a carotid ultrasound (to rule out blockage of the carotid arteries which cause strokes), and abdominal ultrasound (to rule out enlargements or aneurysms of the aorta) and an ABI ( this is a circulation test to rule out blockages in the lower extremities or peripheral arterial disease). This information along with questionnaire responses, will be entered into a data base that will generate a 12 page report summarizing  your individual cardiovascular risk assessment.    You and the nurse practitioner will discuss your results while educating and encouraging you with the steps to taken in order to reduce your risks.  If appropriate, referral to aCardiologist, a Vascular Surgeon, Psychologist, Sleep Specialist etc.,  will be recommended.

After your appointment

After your appointment, Dr. Lundberg, the medical director,will review your profile and confirm preliminary findings and make any additional recommendations.  You will then receive a call from the nurse practitioner to summarize these final reports and ensure proper referral information is received.   All  reports will then be forwarded to your personal physicians.If you do not have a physician,  we will recommend a Saint Joseph’s physician.  You will receive an additional follow up call in 3-4 months to track your progress and help facilitate any ongoing needs.  This will include suggestions for future screening and lifestyle adaptations that will not only promote overall health but especially the prevention of cardiovascular illness that has affected far too many women of our society.

Any further questions? Call us! We'll be glad to help any way we can. Remember, your heart is in the right place at Saint Joseph's Women's Heart Center.