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Orthopedics at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

As one of the premier adult orthopedic programs in the southeast, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital is actively engaged in  the full spectrum of care for orthopedic patients. From the initial visit at the physician’s office to discuss a hip or knee replacement, to the hospital setting itself, every phase of the patient’s orthopedic experience is focused on achieving a successful outcome and a quick recovery. Those who need orthopedic care, whether routine or a more serious matter, can rest assured that, because of the high volume of procedures performed at Emory Saint Joseph’s, the care team is well experienced in meeting their needs.

Long recognized as a leader among Georgia health care providers, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital has also been ranked among the top 100 hospitals nationwide by the country’s largest health care information company. Providing the complete package, Emory Saint Joseph’s blends modern technology with compassionate care to provide the latest in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for orthopedic patients. Emory Saint Joseph’s specialists deliver treatments that are innovative, lifesaving and, in many instances, unavailable anywhere else in the region.

Services provided by our Orthopedics Program include:

Joint Replacement

New procedures, improved implants and more sophisticated surgical techniques are creating a quiet revolution in the area of joint replacement for both hips and knees.

The orthopedic surgeons at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital are doing things today in joint replacement that weren’t imaginable even three years ago, including minimally invasive techniques using a robotic arm that allow for more enhanced accuracy and a more customized procedure for every person.

Minimally-invasive total joint replacement—now accounting for 50% of all orthopedic surgeries performed at Emory Saint Joseph’s—has been shown to speed both surgery and recovery times for many orthopedic patients. This represents a major improvement on the surgical intervention procedure used for more than 20 years.

New procedures and prostheses for rotator cuff tears for patients facing shoulder replacement surgery are making a significant difference in recovery time and movement post-surgery.

Emory Saint Joseph’s has been recognized as one of the top 50 US hospitals for joint replacements.

Think you need joint replacement surgery? Attend our free class to find out. Or, you can learn more about joint replacement and minimally invasive options, by calling (877) 250-STJO (7856).

Spine Surgery

The latest advances in diagnostic techniques, combined with state-of-the-art instrumentation and materials, have recently created a vanguard of new procedures that are bringing exciting improvements to familiar protocols for treating spinal problems.

One of the major new developments in spine surgery today is the ability to perform minimally-invasive procedures, which account for 50% of all orthopedic surgeries at Emory Saint Joseph’s.

Our team of spine surgeons are experienced in surgical techniques and procedures such as: artificial disc implantation, kyphoplasty, microdiscectomy, spinal fusion and more.

To learn more about spine surgery and minimally invasive options, call (877) 250-STJO (7856).


Emory Saint Joseph's excellence in orthopedics results not only from advanced diagnostic capabilities, state-of-the-art treatment and an integrated team approach, but also a strong rehabilitation program and an emphasis on patient education. In keeping with the Sisters of Mercy philosophy of healing, Emory Saint Joseph's recognizes that knowledge of what to expect during and after surgery is important to the patient’s total well being.

To achieve best outcomes and maximum results after surgery, Emory Saint Joseph's rehabilitation specialists begin working closely with patients before surgery. Physical and occupational therapists review the medical situation to determine a customized therapeutic plan. Patients are introduced to exercise equipment and a detailed rehabilitation program is created based on their specific needs. The hospital's rehabilitation specialists are committed to helping each patient achieve maximum potential in the shortest time.

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Think you need joint replacement surgery? Attend our free class to find out.