Urology Care at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

The specialists who make up the urology team at Emory Saint Joseph’s are experts in their field, bringing academic- and research-based innovation to the clinical forefront. The capabilities of our Emory Healthcare urologists are extended through our close association with the Urology Specialists of Atlanta, a private practice based at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Combined, the team offers a broad range of general and specialized urologic expertise in areas of treatment such as robotic surgery, reconstructive urology, men’s health and infertility, urologic oncology (including our Active Surveillance program for low-risk prostate cancer patients), and female incontinence and pelvic surgery.

Because we are part of an academic health care system, our physicians participate in cutting-edge research designed to improve the care of urologic conditions using the latest techniques and technology. Our program’s physicians, nurses and other staff members use this experience to guide the outstanding patient care we provide through our multi-specialty prostate cancer clinic, in addition to a full spectrum of urologic conditions. Our program’s physicians, urologists, nurses, and staff are focused on providing excellent care in the treatment of conditions that include incontinence, bladder fistula, erectile dysfunction, male factor infertility, elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, kidney stones, urologic cancers including bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer, pelvic prolapse, pelvic urethral diverticum and enlarged prostate.

The physicians of Emory Urology at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital provide a comprehensive range of complex urologic care for both men and women, including minimally invasive treatments for many urologic conditions.

Robotic Prostatectomy

Robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery performed with the assistance of a robot that extends the capabilities of the surgeon. Robotic technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand, introducing precise, versatile instrument movement combined with three-dimensional visualization of the operative site. Most patients newly diagnosed with localized prostate cancer may be candidates for robotic prostate surgery.

The Emory Saint Joseph’s Visconti Center for Robotic Surgery features a team that includes university-based surgeons who use their fellowship and advanced training in laparoscopic and robotic surgery to provide the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients. In addition, many provide training to the next generation of urologic surgeons through teaching positions at the Emory University School of Medicine.

The Center features the da Vinci® Si Surgical System, the most advanced robotic surgical system available. The da Vinci Si assists the well-trained surgeon in performing a more precise and less invasive surgical procedure that can spare crucial structures. In addition, robotic prostatectomy with the da Vinci Si System is associated with quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, less pain, less scarring, less blood loss and fewer transfusions.

Urology Services

The physicians of Emory Urology at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital provide a comprehensive range of complex urologic care for both men and women, including minimally invasive treatments for prostate, bladder and kidney cancer, incontinence, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, infertility, female pelvic prolapse and erectile dysfunction.

Emory Urology at Emory Saint Joseph’s provides pioneering care for adults with complex urologic conditions in six key areas:

  • Oncology
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Stone Disease and Endourology
  • Men's Health and Infertility
  • Female Pelvic Surgery
  • Reconstructive Urology

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