Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with an Emory sleep specialist, please call: 404-712-7533.

When calling to schedule your first visit, please have the following information available:

• Patient's Name, Address, and Telephone Number
• Date of Birth
• Social Security Number
• Symptoms or diagnosis
• Name, Address, and Telephone Number of Referring Physician
• Insurance Information

Prepare for Your Visit

Your first clinic visit at The Emory Sleep Center includes a consultation and review of  your medical history. Before your first appointment with us, please do the following:

• Download and complete the medical history form.

• Obtain medical records, test results, slides and films from scans from your other health care providers.

• Gather any notes on your condition.

Please bring all of these materials with you to your first appointment.

These steps will help us expedite your appointment and assure we have the appropriate information needed to provide the best advice possible during your initial consultation.

No-Show Policy for missed appointments

We value you as our patient and are honored that you have entrusted us with your health care. We have a high volume of patients seeking care with our physicians, so to encourage patients to come to their scheduled appointments, we have implemented a $25 no-show fee for patients who fail to come to their appointments. If you must cancel your appointment, please provide at least a 24-hour advance notice to allow other patients to take advantage of your appointment time and to avoid the no-show fee. Please be advised that patients who have three or more no shows may be excluded from scheduling future appointments with that provider.

Please call 404-712-7533 if you are unable to keep your appointment. We thank you for your cooperation and consideration of our goal to offer timely, high-quality care.

Insurance & Payment for Services


The Emory Sleep Center accepts most insurance plans. You should bring your insurance card with you to your appointments.

Please call in advance of your appointment to determine if your insurance carrier is contracted with us. You will be responsible for any charges not covered by your carrier. If you prefer to file yourself, we will provide the paperwork necessary for reimbursement and ask for payment from you at the time of the appointment.

• Managed Care — If you are covered by managed care, we request co-pays and deductibles at the time of the clinic appointment.
• HMO Plans — Almost all HMO insurance plans require a referral from your Primary Care Physician.
• PPO Plans — If your insurance is a PPO plan, a referral is usually not necessary; however, please check to ensure that Emory is included in your plan.


Payment for services is due at the time services are rendered. However, as a courtesy, we will submit a claim for you to any third party insurance carrier with whom Emory Healthcare has a contract.

We accept any of the following payment methods:

• Cash
• Personal Check
• All Major Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover)