Spinal Radiosurgery at Emory University Hospital Midtown

Spinal RadiosurgeryInitially used to treat brain tumors, radiosurgery has gained currency as a treatment for various types of cancer. Spinal radiosurgery uses X-ray beams instead of scalpels to eliminate tumors of the spine. Radiation oncologist Liza Stapleford, MD works to evaluate patients and devise the best treatment approaches for both primary and metastatic tumors of the spine.

Through precisely focused doses of radiation, spinal radiosurgery allows the patient to receive treatment in an outpatient setting without an incision or anesthesia. Treatment is often completed in a single visit using the Varian Trilogy™ linear accelerator.

Spinal Radiosurgery: (PDF 180KB)

  • Is not surgery, but a minimally invasive outpatient procedure
  • Is generally completed in a single day — the actual procedure takes about one hour
  • Is designed to minimize toxicity to surrounding organs
  • Provides effective tumor control and reduces pain caused by spinal metastases

We recommend patients be evaluated for metastatic spine disease by the Emory Spinal Radiosurgery team:

  • At the initial diagnosis of cancer, especially if pain is present
  • If the patient shows minimal or no response after one or two cycles of chemotherapy
  • If the disease progresses while the patient is on therapy
  • If new metastases develop, signaling recurrence

Refer patients who:

  • Have symptomatic metastases to the spine
  • Have asymptomatic metastases that have not responded to chemotherapy
  • Have tumors that have previously been treated with surgery or radiation
  • Wish to avoid surgery

Presentations from Spinal Radiosurgery Continuing Medical Education Event

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