Physician Assistants

The physician assistants at the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center are experts at diagnosis and non-operative treatment of a wide range of orthopedic and spine conditions.

Diane Butler, PA

Sydney Wang, PA

Sydney Wang, PA

Dale Zeigler, PA

Dale Zeigler graduated from Dickinson College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, specializing in molecular biochemistry with minors in Latin and Psychology. He graduated from Emory University’s Physician Associate Program and has been employed at Emory since 1980 being hired initially by Thomas Whitesides, distinguished Professor and Section Chief of Orthopaedics. He has worked extensively in both general orthopedics and spine surgery, exclusively in spine for the last 11 years. He has participated in many FDA clinical trials including early research on porous coatings of various joint prostheses, as well as implantable bone growth stimulators for long bones and spine. He has been involved in a study testing the use of continuous infusion cimetidine in critically ill spine patients. More recently he was a co-investigator of a clinical trial that brought an ultrasound device to the US market for treatment of plantar fasciitis. He has worked at Emory gaining vast experience from 3 departmental Chairmen as well as Scott Boden, John Heller and William Horton. More recently he has also broadened his experience working with Gerald Rodts, a neurosurgical spine surgeon as well as Dheera Ananthakrishnan, Emory Spine Center’s deformity surgeon. He has participated in the vast “Adult Deformity Outcome Study” sponsored by a Scoliosis Research Society study group. He was the Curriculum Development Coordinator for The Emory Spine Center for Outreach and Medical Education to improve the quality of spine surgery for developing nations. Dale has participated in development of spine education web pages as well as helping in the design of the Emory Electronic Medical Record for spine patients. Dale is married to Ellen, an ASQ certified quality manager, currently working for the Emory Center for Transfusion and Cellular Therapies. They have a son, Ryan, working on postgraduate studies in Computer Science who recently married his college sweetheart. Dale still enjoys playing tennis, a lifetime passion having played in college. He also enjoys photography, music, exercise, cooking, food and wine.