Certified Athletic Training Residency Program

Certified Athletic Training Residency program provides improved care and personal attention to patients.

Certified Athletic Training Fellowship

The Emory Sports Medicine Center is seeking support for its Certified Athletic Training Residency program, one of only several residency programs for certified athletic trainers (ATC) in the country. Established in June 2004, the residency program offers ATCs the most current concepts and training in injury evaluation, rehabilitation, surgical repair, and prevention of athletic injuries. The Emory Sports Medicine Center and Emory University offer masters-level ATCs a unique opportunity to continue their training and education through its one-year post graduate residency.

ATCs have been a constant presence on the sidelines of high school, college and professional sports-related injuries. However, today's ATCs provide health care services not only to athletes, but to anyone suffering from an orthopaedic injury, whether it happened on the sports field, a job setting or at home. Once they complete their one year of residency, Emory-trained ATCs return to their community settings where they are able to provide the highest quality of care thanks to the improved orthopaedic prevention, evaluation and treatment skills they acquired during their fellowships.

For more information about Emory's Certified Athletic Training Residency Program, contact Kathryn Bonecutter at kathryn.bonecutter@emoryhealthcare.org. If you would like more information about supporting the Athletic Training Residency Program, please contact Susan House at (404) 778-4258.