Nonsurgical Specialist Contacts, Orthopedics and Spine

If you have any questions about your non-operative orthopedic or spine treatment, please call the number listed below for your physician.

Dr. William J. Beckworth
-Douglas Flanagan, LPN 404-778-7363

Dr. Susan Dreyer
-Chyrel Dreisbach, RN 404-778-6355

Dr. Jose Garcia
-Denise Sanford, RN 404-778-6312

Dr. David Hubbell
-Lisa Pierson, LPN 404-778-6362

Dr. Randy Katz
-Billie Robinson, LPN 404-778-7118

Dr. Howard Levy
-Liz Berman, RN 404-778-7134

Dr. Ken Mautner
-Melanie Hof, ATC 404-778-6388

Dr. Samuel Milton

Dr. Eugene Pendleton
-Kelly Melton, ATC 404-778-3344

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez

Dr. Diana Sodiq
-Bettie Cheek, EN ANP-BC 404-778-7183


To speak with a supervisor in Spine, call Nate Comstock, Supervisor of Patient Access, at 404-778-7041.

To speak with a manager in Orthopedics or Sports Medicine, call Rose Hersh, Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, at 404-778-7175.

Other important phone numbers:

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Appointments 404-778-3350
Spine Appointments 404-778-7000
After-hour emergencies 404-778-5000