What Is Anatomic ACL Reconstruction?

Anatomic ACL reconstruction is an innovative technique for replacing an injured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). At Emory Sports Medicine we have been studying and modifying this procedure over the last six years. We have performed over 700 anatomic single-bundle reconstructions and close to 100 double-bundle ACL reconstructions. It is our ACL reconstruction surgery of choice.

The procedure involves placing the new ACL in the exact anatomical position as the native ACL (the one you were born with). It can take the form of a "single-bundle" or "double-bundle" reconstruction. (This has to do with the numbers of grafts utilized to reconstruct the ACL.)

The advantage of the new technique is that it functions much more like the native ligament. This should allow the patient to have more normal biomechanical function of their knee and lead to better function with less chance of further injury to the knee. It is especially suited for those who have had a previous reconstruction and for patients who are at high risk for further knee injuries.

Anatomic ACL reconstruction is a procedure that has been performed in only a few centers of sports medicine excellence, including Emory.

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