Emory Heart & Vascular Center Participates in Severe Hypertension Research Study

The Emory Heart & Vascular Center is one of fewer than 60 institutions nationwide selected to participate in a research study evaluating the efficacy of a novel catheter device that treats resistant hypertension by delivering radiofrequency (RF) energy directly inside the renal arteries. The RF energy is used to ablate nerves that are delivering excessive sympathetic tone to the kidneys, a process that is one of the drivers of severe hypertension. Prior studies conducted outside the U.S. have demonstrated significant blood pressure reduction in patients who have received this therapy. On average, blood pressure was reduced by more than 30 mmHg following treatment.

SYMPLICITY HTN-3 is an international, multicenter, randomized study. Bilateral renal denervation will be performed using the SymplicityTM Catheter, a percutaneous system that delivers RF energy through the luminal surface of the renal arteries. The procedure is performed through a minimally invasive arterial puncture similar to that used during cardiac catheterization. Studies conducted in Europe and Australia have shown safe, significant and sustained reductions of blood pressure in subjects with uncontrolled hypertension.

In order to participate in SYMPLICITY HTN-3, participants must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be between the ages of 18 and 80 years old

2. Be receiving a stable medication regimen that includes full tolerated doses of three or more anti-hypertensive medications of different classes, one of which must be a diuretic that is expected to be maintained without changes for at least six months

3. Have an office systolic blood pressure of ≥160 mmHg based on an average of readings taken at both an initial and a confirmatory screening visit

4. Be competent and willing to provide written, informed consent to participate in this clinical study, including all required office visits

Chandan Devireddy, MD, is Emory’s principal investigator for this trial. Emory sub-investigators include Janice Lea, MD, Kevin Kim, MD, Lou Martin, MD, Khusrow Niazi, MD, and Greg Robertson, MD. For more information or to refer a patient for this trial, please call 404-778-5050.