Patient Resources

Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF)

The Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help meet the needs of organ transplant candidates, recipients, living donors, and their families.

GTF offers a wide array of programs:

  • JobLink is a career development and return-to-work program for transplant recipients, offering testing, job readiness training, and job placement.
  • Annual scholarships are awarded to transplant recipients and dependents for post-secondary education.
  • GTF offers a number of financial assistance programs to transplant candidates and recipients who are Georgia residents. The assistance programs offer temporary transitional support during times of financial crisis, whether it is pre- or post-transplant. There is also a fund to assist living donors with out-of-pocket expenses related to the donation process. Each of the programs is based on financial need and requires an application process through the transplant program's social worker. For more information, contact your transplant social worker.
  • GTF has established the Access to Care: Matching Funds Program to help transplant candidates who need to fundraise to pay for the high costs of medications and other transplant-related expenses.

The Mentor Project

The Mentor Project is operated by a group of dedicated individuals who have received a solid organ transplant and understand the challenges of the transplant process. These mentors provide support and answers to questions facing potential transplant candidates, potential living donors, and their families. The Mentor Project began in 1996 when a group of caring transplant coordinators, social workers and dedicated organ recipients and their families came together for a day of training and planning. Since that time volunteer mentors have spent countless hours mentoring more than 1,900 individuals seeking answers to questions only someone who has been through a transplant can provide. Adult, pediatric, spouse, and living donor mentors are available to patients and transplant centers throughout Georgia. The Mentor Project's goal is to give hope by providing support and a connection to transplant resources. For more information or to request a mentor, please call 1-(866) GATX411 (425-6411) or 770-457-3796. On the Web go to:

To learn more about these programs and other opportunities through GTF, call 770-457-3796 or visit the website at:

Medication Access Program (MAP)

The Medication Access Program (MAP) is designed to help patients obtain necessary transplant medications after their transplant. The MAP program is available to all Georgia residents who have received a solid organ transplant and meet the program's financial requirements. Emory Transplant Center has dedicated MAP coordinators who work with all interested transplant patients to complete the enrollment process.

If you would like to know more about MAP and how to qualify for medication assistance, call 404-712-5208 or 404-712-4981 to speak with the Emory MAP Coordinator. This program is in partnership with the Medical College of Georgia MAP and is funded by the generous support of the Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust.