Aneesh Mehta, MD - Basic Science Research Faculty

Aneesh mehta

Aneesh Mehta, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Director of Transplant Infectious Disease

Dr. Mehta joined the faculty of the Emory Transplant Center in July as the Assistant Director of Transplant Infectious Diseases. He has recently completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases and spent the previous two years in the Emory Transplant Immunology lab under the mentorship of Christian Larsen, Allan Kirk and Marshall Lyon.

Dr. Mehta research interests are broadly within clinical and translational viral immunology. He is specifically focused on developing predictive immunologic and virologic signatures for pathogen specific protective immunity. He is currently exploring the effects of various immunosuppressive agents, such as belatacept, tacrolimus, rapamycin, and thymoglobulin, on the function of CMV- and EBV-specific T lymphocytes in kidney transplant recipients. His methodologies include phenotypic and functional polychromatic flow cytometry, PCR, and gene expression assays.

Dr. Mehta clinical interests focus on the care immunocompromised patients suffering from or at risk for severe infections. He is currently working with Dr. Lyon on developing educational programs in Transplant Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Mehta received his BS from Emory University and his MD from the University of Oklahoma. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine in 2003 and his fellowship in Infectious Diseases in 2006, both at Emory University, during which time he was award the Resident Achievement Award twice and the J Willis Hurst Fellow Teaching Award. He is currently the Principal Investigator for the study, The Effect of Costimulation Blockade with Belatacept on Viral Specific Protective Immunity. He also serves as the Clinical co-Principal Investigator on Project 4 of Emory Influenza Pathogenesis & Immunology Research Center (IPIRC), and chief clinical investigator Immune Function and Biodefense in Children, Elderly, and Immunocompromised Populations contract, a joint program between the ETC (Larsen) and the Emory Vaccine Center (Rafi Ahmed).

Recent Publications (2008-2009)

Jesse T. Jacob, Aneesh K. Mehta, Michael K. Leonard. Acute Forms of Tuberculosis in Adults. The American Journal of Medicine. 2009: 122(1):12-7.

Aneesh K. Mehta and Amelia A. Langston. Use of Posaconazole in the treatment of invasive fungal infections. Expert Reviews in Hematology, in press October 2009.