Christian P. Larsen, MD, DPhil - Basic Science Research Faculty

Christian P. Larsen, MD, D Phil

Dean, Emory University School of Medicine
Vice President for Health Center Integration, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Chair, Board of Directors, The Emory Clinic
Professor of Surgery, Division of Transplantation, Department of Surgery

Dr. Larsen is an expert in transplantation surgery, immunology and immunotherapy.  With the aid of significant grant funding, his research with Drs. Pearson, Newell and Kirk works to establish true immune tolerance among transplant recipients. This research strives to free patients from the toxic side effects of daily immunosuppressant medicines and achieve permanent, long-term acceptance of organs. 

Areas of primary research focus in his laboratory include:

  1. understanding the fundamental mechanisms involved in the T cell response to transplant tissues, specifically the role of costimulatory pathways in T cell activation, and
  2. the mechanisms involved in immunologic tolerance to self and transplanted tissues.

Drs. Larsen and Pearson have a strong track record of bringing research to the patient — their research in co-stimulation blockade has been brought from basic research in the early 1990s through the primate center and into highly successful clinical trials in humans led by Emory to apply these strategies to the development of a clinically relevant means to achieving hemotopoietic chimerism as a route to clinical transplantation tolerance. Among his many appointments, Dr. Larsen is Professor and holder of the Carlos and Marguerite Mason Chair, Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Emory Transplant Center, Vice Chairman of Research-Surgery, and Director of Mason Transplantation Biology Research Center.

Recent Publications (2007 – 2008)

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  • Ford, M.L., M.E. Wagener, S. Gangappa, T.C. Pearson, and C.P. Larsen. 2007. Antigenic disparity impacts outcome of agonism but not blockade of costimulatory pathways in experimental transplant models. Am J Transplant 7:1471-1481.  
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