David Neujahr, MD - Basic Science Research Faculty

David Neujahr, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Associate Medical Director, Lung Transplant

Dr. David C. Neujahr MD, is a pulmonologist and member of the McKelvey Lung Transplant Program at Emory University. Dr. Neujahr was recruited to Emory in early 2006 after completing a fellowship program in lung transplantation at the University of Pennsylvania. Patient outcomes in lung transplantation are quite variable. Dr. Neujahr’s research is focused on discovery of biomarkers present in lung transplant recipients that are predictive of lung function in the future. Lung transplant recipients undergo surveillance bronchoscopy at defined time points to assess for silent rejection.

Dr. Neujahr’s group has devised a panel of markers used to screen fluid obtained from the lungs of these recipients. Current work is aimed at validating the signature of potential rejection in this patient cohort. Ultimately, these results will be used to define clinical decision making in protocols that are tailored to individual patients.

Recent Publications (2007 – 2008)

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