Emory Transplant Center Research Faculty

The Center has 48 faculty who include basic scientists and clinical researchers across departments ranging from surgery to medicine to pediatrics. Researchers specific to the Emory Transplant Center are listed below:

Linda Cendales, MD

Mandy Ford, PhD

Neal Iwakoshi, PhD

Leslie S. Kean, MD, PhD

Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD

Stuart J. Knecthle, MD

Christian P. Larsen, MD, D Phil

Aron E. Lukacher, MD, PhD

Aneesh Mehta, MD

Robert S. Mittler, PhD

David Neujahr, MD

Kenneth A. Newell, MD, PhD

Thomas C. Pearson, MD, D Phil

Allan Ramirez, MD

Mark R. Rigby, MD, PhD

Nicole Turgeon, MD

Colin J. Weber, MD, Dm, Sci