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Heart Transplant Videos

Heart Transplant Video
In this heart transplant video, Dr. Vega discusses heart transplant after the LVAD procedure. The Emory Center for Heart Transplantation in Atlanta, Georgia ranks among the nation's top heart transplant hospitals. Watch a heart warming patient success story.

Heart Transplant Videos
In this patient story transplant video, heart transplant patient, Terry Green of Lawrenceville can actually say he was born twice in the same hospital and mean it as Green, 60, recently became the 500th heart transplant patient at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta -- almost 61 years to the day of his birth March 20.

Kidney Transplant Videos

Belatacept & Transplants

Emory Transplant Center (ETC) patients are now benefiting from a new class of FDA-approved transplant drugs that Emory surgeons and scientists helped pioneer called Nulojix® (belatacept), for the prevention of graft rejection after kidney transplant.

Pediatric Kidney Transplant
In this kidney transplant video, Quinn receives the ultimate birthday gift: a healthy kidney. Featuring Emory transplant surgeons Christian Larsen, MD and Thomas Pearson, MD.

Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Video

Kidney Pancreas Transplant Video
A patient and living donor share their experience participating in Emory's Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program as part of a six-person paired kidney transplant "chain," in which three recipients and three donors were cross-matched in this kidney-pancreas transplant video.

Liver Transplant Videos

Domino Liver Transplant
Transplant surgeon, Christopher Hughes, MD gives a summary of Georgia's first "domino" liver transplant procedure, a sequential, one-after-the-other procedure in which a viable liver from a deceased donor is transplanted into the first recipient.

Liver Transplant Protocol for Bile Duct Cancer
The Emory Transplant Center offers a new protocol to treat bile duct cancer, an aggressive disease that tends to spread locally. When combining radiation and chemotherapy with a liver transplant, this protocol ensures that all of the cancer is removed during surgery and offers hope to patients diagnosed with this historically lethal disease.

Lung Transplant Videos

Lung Transplant
In this patient story lung transplant video, Li-Ching Brown is the 100th lung transplant recipient at the Andrew J. McKelvey Lung Transplantation Center, the state's only lung transplant program in Georgia.

300th Lung Transplant Video
Jo Ann Kimball became somewhat of a Emory University Hospital celebrity when she became Emory Healthcare's 300th lung transplant patient since the program's creation more than 17 years ago in 1993. Here Kimball tells her story and thanks the transplant team and the family of the organ donor.

Hand Transplant Videos

First Hand Transplant Video
Transplant and reconstructive surgeons from Emory University Hospital have successfully performed a rare complete hand transplant on 21-year-old Linda Lu, a college student from Orlando, Fla. This is a first for the Atlanta Hospital. The 19-hour surgery involved multiple teams of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and operating room support staff.


Hand Transplant Video
Linda Cendales, MD, is the only surgeon in the U.S. with formal training in hand surgery, microsurgery, and transplant surgery. In addition to the clinical study of hand transplantation, Dr. Cendales has established a comprehensive program at Emory to systematically study vascularized composite allotransplantation.

Islet Transplant Video

Islet Transplant
The Emory Transplant Center has joined a select few institutions throughout the world in the investigation of islet transplantation, a procedure that has shown great potential for type 1 diabetes treatment. The first islet cell transplant in Georgia is featured in this video.

Transplant Research Videos

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the drug Nulojix (belatacept) for the prevention of graft rejection after kidney transplants. Christian P. Larsen, Emory University, provides a nutshell explanation of how the drug works, how it might impact kidney transplant patients and what type of work went into the drug's development.


Transplant Immunology
Emory is at the forefront of transplant immunology research, using groundbreaking strategies to prevent rejection of transplanted organs by establishing true immune tolerance with drugs that are less toxic and have less side effects (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney toxicity and diabetes) than traditional immunosuppressants.