Financial Information

Funding for clinical trials is provided by individuals and organizations interested in furthering the research being conducted.

Emory will cover the cost of the evaluation, the transplant procedure, and most of the follow-up testing. There are some costs that are the patient's responsibility.

Emory provides patients with most or all of the medications necessary for the study for up to 12 months following the first transplant. If the islets continue to function beyond 12 months, the patient will still need immunosuppressant drugs, and the cost of the drugs will become the patient's responsibility. The cost depends on the amount of each medication that the patient requires. The cost may be $400-$2,000 per month. The patient's health insurance may cover the cost of these drugs. Patients taking immunosuppressant drugs are required to have regular blood tests to monitor drug levels in the blood. These tests cost $200-$600 every two months and may or may not be covered by insurance.

Travel & Accommodations

Any travel expenses for visits to Emory Hospital will be the patient's responsibility. Because of the need for many visits to Emory Hospital, especially after the transplant, it may be necessary for patients to make local housing arrangements. The cost of housing accommodations will be the patient's responsibility. The Emory nurse can assist the patient in making housing arrangements.