Our Multidisciplinary Team

Listed below are the team members that make up the islet transplant team. You will meet some of these team members during your evaluation for islet transplant.

Christian Larsen, MD
Executive Director, Emory Transplant Center

Allan D. Kirk, MD
Scientific Director, Emory Transplant Center

Thomas Pearson, MD
Transplant Surgeon

Nicole Turgeon, MD
Transplant Surgeon

Patrick Bowen, MD
Transplant Endocrinologist

Lisa Carlson, MPH
Academic Program Director

Beth Begley, RN
Research Nurse Supervisor

Keshawna Sherer, RN
Clinical Research Nurse II

Jennifer Hutchinson, RN
Clinical Research Nurse II

Elizabeth Ferry, RN
Senior Research Nurse

Johanna Moreno, MT (AMT)
Research Technologist

Wenxin Pang, MT (AMT)
Research Technologist

Luie Campos-Osoria
Research Technologist