Resources for Kidney Donors

The Georgia Transplant Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to help both kidney recipients and living donors.

Living Donor Assistance Program

The goal of the Living Donor Assistance Program is to help living donors deal with financial hardships created as a result of their donation.

Requirements to participate in the program:

• Either the living donor or the transplant recipient must be a resident of Georgia.
• Assistance is available for hardship expenses directly created by donation.
• Applications must be submitted prior to treatment.
• The donor is expected to use all available sick days but may retain up to two weeks of vacation time.
• Living donor applications should show evidence of the patient/family's support and financial planning for the surgery and recovery time.

Mentor Project

Learning that you or a family member needs a transplant, going through the evaluation process, waiting for the call, having the surgery, recovering, and then adjusting to life after a transplant can be a wonderful but emotional and stressful time. Recipients may feel happiness, fear and even confusion. Living donors worry about having elective surgery. Support from friends, family and the transplant center team can help, but talking to someone who has been in the same situation is often the best cure for calming nerves and realizing positive outcomes. That's where the Mentor Project, a patient service program of Georgia Transplant Foundation, can help.

The Mentor Project matches people living successfully with a transplant and people who are new or adjusting to the world of transplantation. The Mentor Project has trained mentors (recipients, living donors, spouses, parents of pediatric recipients, and other family members) who have a desire to help support others through the transplant process.

If you live in Georgia or are a client at a Georgia transplant center, you can be referred to the Mentor Project by your social worker, transplant coordinator, transplant clinic professional or physician, or you can simply request a mentor by contacting GTF directly. Mentors and mentees are matched by common experiences and situations. All information you share or discuss with a mentor is confidential.

Mention to a member of your transplant team that you'd like to talk with a mentor. Or contact GTF directly by calling 770-457-3796 or toll free at 1-866-428-9411.