You will awaken from your surgery in the ICU, where your recovery will be monitored and managed by highly skilled critical care nurses. The tube in your lungs will remain in place to help you breathe deeply and prevent pneumonia until the anesthesia is completely out of your system. A typical stay in the ICU is three to four days. Several times each day, various members of the transplant team will make rounds to monitor your progress.

You will then be transferred to the surgical floor, where our nurses and physical therapists will help you regain your strength, teach you how to care for yourself when you go home, and prepare you for discharge from the hospital. If all goes well, you can expect to spend five to seven days on the surgical floor before your discharge.

As you move closer to the time you will leave the hospital, your activity level will be increased. You will be encouraged to walk daily. Eventually, you will be able to venture outside the hospital. You will also be expected to know how and when to take your medications.