Liver Tumor Conference

The Emory Tumor Conference meets on a weekly basis to discuss cases submitted by referring physicians.

Participants are members of Emory’s multidisciplinary liver team, including transplant surgeons, surgical oncologists, GI surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists, hepatologists, interventional radiologists, and pediatric hepatologists. From time to time, the conference may include referring physicians from the community and other healthcare providers.

The multidisciplinary team discusses patients with liver, pancreatic, or biliary tumors. The goal is to design comprehensive treatment plans with input from multiple specialties and to provide learning opportunities for practitioners so that they can provide the highest-quality care. Moreover, findings from this conference are the source of ongoing outcomes research and NIH-funded clinical trials.

We welcome participation and input from our community of referring physicians. Please print and fill out the required HIPAA compliance forms below and fax them to