Lung Transplant Program

Emory's McKelvey Lung Transplant Center in Atlanta, Georgia specializes in the treatment of complex lung disorders from pulmonary vascular and interstitial lung diseases. We are dedicated to researching lung disorders and providing the best treatment and care for lung transplant patients. Emory is the only lung transplant program or lung transplant hospital in the state of Georgia. Emory's lung transplant program has one of the highest lung transplant survival rates in the nation. We receive referrals from across the Southeast.

Emory's team of lung transplant specialists includes pulmonologists, transplant surgeons, cardiologists, transplant coordinators, nurses, and others working together to provide superior care to all our lung transplant patients.

Our team will also educate you on what to expect before lung transplantation, what lung transplant surgery is like, and what to expect post-transplant, including routine care and medications that you will be required to take.

Emory Lung Transplant Center Highlights

GA’s Only Lung Transplant Program

In 1993, Emory established the only Georgia lung transplant center, with the primary mission of serving Georgia residents suffering from otherwise untreatable complex lung diseases. To date, Emory has performed over 300 lung transplant procedures.

Over 300 Lung Transplants Performed at Emory

The Emory Transplant Center performed its 300th lung transplant in 2010, a notable achievement especially considering that the lung transplant program is not as high-volume as Emory's other transplant programs. Now in its twentieth year, the transplant center has come a long way to reach this milestone, performing 35 transplants last year — a 300% increase over the annual total just 10 years ago. Read more.

Commitment to Transplant Research

The transplant center's commitment to research, education and patient care is reflected in our excellent lung transplant survival rates, which are among the highest in the nation. Emory's one-year survival rate for adult patients after lung transplantation is 89.93 percent, and our graft survival rate is 87 percent.

Emory's highly-esteemed staff of physicians is at the forefront of lung transplant research. They are currently investigating immune tolerance and end-stage pulmonary vascular disease and experimental methods for effective gene therapy.

Research & Clinical Trials

Research & Clinical Trials

The Emory Transplant Center has earned a reputation of clinical excellence and advanced research. The Center’s research funding continues to grow and research dollars received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have nearly tripled over the last six years.

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Quality Outcomes

Quality Indicators

Despite the severity and scope of the conditions that the Emory Transplant Center treats, Emory's lung transplant program continues to provide excellent results in patient and graft survival rates.

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