Learn About Lung Transplants

If you are considering a lung transplant, it is important that you and your family completely understand the benefits, risks, and limitations of transplantation in order to make an informed decision concerning this procedure. Your success as a transplant recipient depends in part on your understanding of what to expect before, during, and after your lung transplant.

Reasons You Might Need a Lung Transplant
Types of Lung Transplants
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Lung Transplant Surgery
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Possible Lung Transplant Complications
Glossary of Transplant Terms

Lung Disease Treatment Strategies

At Emory University Hospital, we consider lung transplantation when conventional medication or surgery cannot improve the function of your failing lungs. Lung transplantation offers many people the chance not only to survive but to return to a more normal, productive lifestyle. It is important to understand that a lung transplant does not "cure" your lung disease. You will need daily medication and rigorous follow-up by the transplant team for the rest of your life.