Traveler's Diarrhea (How to avoid it)

Even seasoned travelers sometimes are affected with the woes of diarrhea while traveling since most of the microorganisms causing diarrhea are found in local water supplies. The following tips may help you avoid this problem:

  • Drink only bottled water or water you know has been brought to a boil.
  • Drink beverages containing only boiled or bottled water (coffee/tea).
  • Drink beverages from a sealed can or bottle (carbonated drinks).
  • Drink beverages without ice.
  • Do not brush your teeth with tap water.
  • Do not eat raw vegetables, salads or unpeeled fruit; fruit should be consumed only after it has been peeled by you ? rinsing off with tap water merely adds to the hazards!
  • Do not eat raw or undercooked meat, fish or shellfish.
  • Do not eat food sold by street vendors unless it is steaming hot.
  • Do not eat room temperature sauces.
  • Avoid foods sitting for long periods of time (hot foods should be hot; cold foods should be cold).
  • Alcoholic beverages generally are safe, but adding alcohol to other beverages does not sterilize them. Beware of the ice cubes!
  • If you are not allergic to aspirin and/or are not taking aspirin containing drugs, adults may take Pepto Bismol as directed for prevention of diarrhea during short-term trips.

From your pharmacy:

Pepto Bismol

Iodine/chlorine tablets