Pre-Travel Evaluation

A thorough pre-trip international travel evaluation at our TravelWell clinic includes:
  • Addressing travelers' initial concerns or fears of traveling to a specific country
  • Advice on how to avoid (or treat) common travel nuances or infections, like jet lag or travelers' diarrhea
  • Detailed description of immunization recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • All immunizations, medicines, and vaccinations are provided
  • In-depth evaluation of travelers who may be at increased health risk because of current health status
  • Ready to Travel, Travel Well: Emory Healthcare's International Traveler Health ServicesInformative TravelWell handbook and literature that addresses most travel concerns, including descriptions of symptoms and treatment of infections specific to certain areas of the world
  • In depth discussion of malaria: chemoprophylaxis, personal protection measures, and self treatment strategies
  • Post-travel Expert Medical Care in case of any illness after returning from your trip, followed by communication with your primary care physician