Messages, Results and Appointments FAQs

I left a message for the Physician Assistant, but I never got a call back. What should I do?

The Physician Assistants or Nurse Practioners need time to gather up information and have discussions with the responsible physicians (who are often in the operating room that day) about various patient calls, so they might not have all answers until the next day. Please do not call the resident on call, as they will not have any information about these matters. Only if the problem is serious (severe pain, high fever, nausea and vomiting), should you contact the resident on call to determine whether you need to come to the Emory ER or to go to the nearest ER.

I was told you would call me with lab results or radiology tests, but I never received a call. What should I do?

Lab results and radiology studies are reviewed by the ordering physician or their Physician Assistant/Nurse Practioner. We will send the results to you about 2 weeks after the date of the test or scan, unless you are scheduled for a procedure or surgery as part of the evaluation, in which case, you will be told at that time. If you have not heard anything around 3 weeks, then notify the Call Center (404-778-4898); do not contact the resident on call.

Biopsy tests done at Emory take 5 working days to be reviewed by pathology, and sometimes special stains are required, which may take a day or 2 longer. As soon as the results are reported to us, we will notify you by phone or at your follow-up office visit. Outside pathology slides reviewed at Emory are reported to us more quickly, but you will be notified only if there is a change in the original reading that would have an impact on your treatment.

I can't make it to my surgery or can't make my appointment. Can you give me another appointment? When does Dr. __________ want me to follow up?

If you need to reschedule an appointment with a urologist, please contact the Call Center (404-778-4898) during office hours (8AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays). Please do not call the resident staff, either during the daytime or off hours, as they do not handle office appointments or scheduling matters.

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