"I can come by here and have a couple of polyps lasered off my vocal cords and then go straight to work."
— Daryl Collins, age 53

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Music Venue Services

Don't let your performers go solo when it comes to their vocal health. Let The Emory Voice Center's chorus of specialists be a part of your supporting cast!

The Emory Voice Center creates custom partnerships to help arts organizations and concert venues keep their performers' voices in tip-top shape.

By partnering with The Emory Voice Center, you can enhance your venue's reputation by providing added value for your artists. Give them access to the latest innovations in voice therapy and Emory's world-renowned, multidisciplinary staff of laryngologists, speech pathologists and singing voice specialists.

Special services for arts organizations and concert venues may include:

  • Evening and weekend on-site consults and diagnostics
  • Same day in-office consultation
  • Vocal health workshops
  • Contract riders re: vocal health services
  • Collaborative marketing