"I can come by here and have a couple of polyps lasered off my vocal cords and then go straight to work."
— Daryl Collins, age 53

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Services for Vocal Professionals

Your voice is your vocation. Keeping it healthy is vital.

The Emory Voice Center is uniquely qualified to care for the distinctive needs of vocal professionals, including singers, actors, broadcasters, DJs and motivational speakers. Our specially trained, multidisciplinary staff includes laryngologists, speech pathologists, and singing voice specialists each experienced in the conditions and vocal requirements of the professional voice.

The Emory Voice Center's special services for vocal professionals include:

  • Preventive care for the speaking and singing voice
  • Perceptual and objective evaluation of the speaking and singing voice
  • Speaking and singing voice interventions and treatments
  • Performance-related emergent care

Tips for Voice Professionals

  • Always warm up before a performance. This can include relaxation techniques and gentle exercise. Then warm up with singing exercises in the mid-range of the voice.
  • Rest the voice between performances as much as possible, and avoid tension and stress.
  • If you have not had formal voice training, learning vocal techniques from a singing coach or vocologist can protect and enhance your voice.
  • Avoid smoky rooms, bars and places where the environment can negatively affect voice quality.
  • Avoid pitching your voice at a lower or unnatural level.
  • Use alcohol moderately, if at all.
  • Keep the voice hydrated by drinking lots of water — at least eight eight-ounce glasses each day, or more for those who are heavier.
  • If your throat is dry, try sleeping with a humidifier.
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle that includes aerobic exercise and a nutritious diet.