Cultural Competency and Diversity

Emory Healthcare's vision, to be recognized as the leading health care system in Atlanta and the Southeast, differentiated by discovery, innovation, and compassionate, patient-focused care, cannot be accomplished without full engagement from every member of our Emory Healthcare community. Together, we must ensure Emory Healthcare offers an environment that is inclusive and sensitive to the needs of our patients, families and our employees and provider teams without regard to race, color, gender, religion or sexual/gender orientations and expressions. By fostering a culture that embraces diversity and cultural competence, Emory Healthcare will dramatically improve the care we offer while further enhancing our commitment to our employees and provider teams.

From the Emory Healthcare Vision for Cultural Competency and Diversity

Core Principles of Cultural Competency and Diversity

Respect and Dignity
We recognize and honor differences between ourselves, patients, families and our co-workers. We accept and understand differences in customs, values, beliefs, ethnicity, and patterns of thinking of our employees, provider teams, and patient population; as they relate to race, gender, age, class, sexuality, culture, nationality, disability, religion, and region.

We encourage and compel the inclusion of diverse patients, families, employees and provider teams in policy and program development. We strive to provide equal opportunity for all, removing institutional barriers of exclusion and taking affirmative measures to include persons who might otherwise be excluded.

We are sensitive to and knowledgeable about the diverse needs of our patients, families, employees and provider teams. We will enhance the delivery of care by being perceptive of the needs of our patients and families across social and cultural dimensions.

Integration of cultural competency and diversity leads to a positive work environment by fostering an atmosphere that recognizes and appreciates the differences in peoples, cultures, and beliefs. We will acknowledge and embrace these differences.