Below you will find links to pages designed to provide you with answers to many questions you might have about the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit. A copy of the Patient Handbook (PDF, 96 kbytes) with much of the same information is available for download.

Treatment Team Members

The most important team member is you, the patient. Your participation is vital. Other members of the team include your physician, psychiatric nurses, medical assistants, and more.

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Expectations and Responsibilities

The goal of treatment is to aid you and your family in achieving and maintaining higher function and quality of life. The responsibilities and expectations listed are therefore designed to promote care and facilitate your independence.

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Helpful Information

Visiting hours, phone privileges, and general rules of conduct for the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at Emory in Atlanta, GA, can be found here.

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Unit Safety

In order to maintain a safe environment, all potential hazardous items must be removed from your belongings at admission. Belongings brought to the hospital will be searched in your presence.

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What to Bring

Guidelines for what clothing, personal articles, and medical/insurance information to bring with you to the hospital, and what articles you should not bring, can be found here.

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