Emory Aesthetic Center knows that nothing can replace the comfort of home. Unfortunately, going home too quickly after a surgical procedure can sometimes prove to be scary and overwhelming. Discomfort and limited mobility are common after invasive procedures, making the first night at home the hardest.

Emory Aesthetic Center's overnight recovery suites bring patients comfort and peace of mind. To take the stress out of the initial post-operative period, Emory Aesthetic Center offers our patients the unique option of an overnight recovery suite. These five suites are located steps away from our world-class operating rooms, ready to transition patients to a home recovery. Combining the comforts of home, with the reassurance of around the clock nursing care, Emory Aesthetic Center's recovery suites are filled with the same innovative technology that can be found in our operating facilities. A private nurse makes bandage changes, medication schedules, going to the bathroom, and taking those first steps much less daunting.

Overnight Recovery Suites Amenities

Even though a spouse or good friend may be waiting to assist you at home, it is not always possible for them to have the ability or the know how to provide all of the meticulous attention you will need after surgery. Add to that navigating the long drive home, steep stairs, rambunctious small children, and even fidgety pets can keep you from resting peacefully at the time you need it most. Emory Aesthetic Center is close, quiet, and designed with only one thing in mind – your personalized recovery experience.

Your Recovery, Your Choice

Every patient who chooses Emory Aesthetic Center has the chance to recuperate in one of our comfortable, private with 24 recovery suites. This option is perfect for those coming from out of town, those who will not have help after surgery, or just do not want to "tough out" the first post-surgical night at home. The morning after your surgery, our aesthetic professionals will check on your healing progress. Finally, your nurse will make sure you are fully prepared to continue healing at home before reviewing the post-op instructions one last time prior to discharge.

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