Medical Team

When you’re looking for faster access to a health care provider, visiting one of Emory Heart & Vascular Center’s Advanced Practice Providers may be just what the doctor ordered.

Advanced Practice Providers, which include nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), work in collaboration with your physicians to form small “care teams” that manage care for a particular group of patients. This team-based approach allows you to be seen more quickly, as there are more providers available to care for you.

Why have an APP on your team?

Following completion of their Bachelors’ degree, physician assistants are required to complete a two to three-year accredited PA program and clinical rotations. An NP is a registered nurse with a Masters or Doctorate of Nursing degree who has completed rigorous clinical training in a medical specialty.

• Certified, state-licensed medical professionals
• Extensive education and training

Emory’s licensed and proficient PAs and NPs collaborate closely with your cardiologist and are qualified to:

• Diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions; perform risk assessments
• Prescribe medications and therapies
• Order diagnostic tests and review results
• Manage chronic cardiac-related illnesses
• Educate and coach

APPs provide many of the same services as your cardiologist, but their flexible schedules typically offer faster access to care along with a little more time to spend with you.

• Get routine tests ordered and results faster
• Manage chronic conditions without having to wait for an appointment with your primary physician
• Schedule follow-up visits after procedures or hospitalizations with an APP

The choice is yours. NPs and PAs do not have to replace your doctor. But if you have concerning symptoms and your doctor is not available, APPs provide peace of mind.

• APPs provide excellent care and can get you back on track to good health
• Your Doctor views advanced practice providers as important members of your health care team

Morgan Aldridge,PA-C

Morgan Aldridge,PA-CLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: Heart Failure

Sara Beck, PA-C

Sara Beck, PA-CLOCATION: Emory at Cummiing
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Amanda Berry, MSR, APRN, ACNP-C

Amanda Berry, MSR, APRN, ACNP-CLOCATION: Midtown Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Dedra Blalock, AANP-C

Dedra Blalock, AANP-CLOCATION: Midtown Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Kara Botters, APRN, ANP-C

Kara Botters, APRN, ANP-CLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Karen Cowan, NP-C

Karen Cowan, NP-CLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: Heart Failure

Jennifer Graham, MSN, FNP-C

Jennifer Graham, MSN, FNP-CLOCATION: Emory Johns Creek Campus
SPECIALTY: Heart Failure

Martha Haack, NP-C

Martha Haack, NP-CLOCATION: Emory Heart & Vascular at Villa Rica
SPECIALTY: Heart Failure

Stacy Jaskwhich, MSN, FNP-C

Stacy Jaskwhich, MSN, FNP-CLOCATION: Outreach
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Patricia Keegan, NP-C

Patricia Keegan, NP-CLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: Structural Heart

Kristan Langdon, NP

Kristan Langdon, NPLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Leslie Ogburn, NP-C

Leslie Ogburn, NP-CLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Christine Peverini, ARNP-C

Christine Peverini, ARNP-CLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: Adult Congenital Cardiology

Julieta Sobremonte, PA-C

Julieta Sobremonte, PA-CLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: Preventive Cardiology

Emily Taylor, NP

Emily Taylor, NPLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Kathleen Davis Weldon, AGPCNP, MSN

Kathleen Davis Weldon, AGPCNP, MSNLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Elisabeth White, PA-C

Elisabeth White, PA-CLOCATION: Emory Saint Joseph's Campus
SPECIALTY: General Cardiology

Rob Wilson, PA-C

Rob Wilson, PA-CLOCATION: Clifton Campus
SPECIALTY: Interventional Cardiology

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