Treatment and Services


The Emory Sleep Center serves as the primary sleep program for patients contemplating weight loss or bariatric surgery who need a sleep evaluation. In addition, the Emory Sleep Center frequently refers patients with sleep disorders for weight loss evaluation and management at the bariatrics program

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Our durable medical equipment program is in its third year at Executive Park 12. We provide Positive Airways Pressure (PAP) therapy to our patients with nongovernment sponsored insurance programs. There is an on-site respiratory therapist to perform initial PAP setups and mask fittings. In addition to offering a variety of PAP masks, we also provide cleaning equipment, such as SoClean, CPAP pillows and replacement parts for PAP machines. All DME services must have a doctor’s prescription.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-I)

The Emory Sleep Center works with a board-certified psychologist to provide behavioral therapies for chronic insomnia problems.

Dental Appliance

In its quest for comprehensive care, The Emory Sleep Center partners with dentists who provide bite plates for bruxism, as well as oral appliance for sleep apnea. An oral appliance works by gently pulling the jaw forward and can be adjusted over time for maximum effect.

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