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Vaccine Availability

Anyone 18 and older is eligible for vaccination with any of the three available COVID vaccines in the United States.

Children ages 5-17 can receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination.

Latest Third Dose Recommendations

The FDA and the CDC authorized third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines as part of the primary vaccine series for patients who are moderately to severely immunocompromised on August 13, 2021. They made this decision after research studies found that a third dose improved the immune response to the vaccine in some immunocompromised patients. Patients who meet the criteria listed at the link below qualify for a third dose of the vaccine 28 days after their second dose of either Pfizer or Moderna. This dose is considered part of their initial vaccination and is not a booster. Subsequent booster shots are recommended as well.

Additional doses are not recommended as part of the Johnson & Johnson initial series, although booster shots are recommended (see below).

Emory Healthcare will not be opening the Northlake Vaccination Center to accommodate boosters.

As we are experiencing this fourth surge of the pandemic, it is important that we focus our staffing resources to care for patients in our hospitals and clinics and to provide COVID-related services that only a healthcare system can provide, including hospital care and monoclonal antibody treatments. If you meet the criteria for a booster, we encourage you to visit vaccines.gov to find a convenient location to receive the vaccine.

Also, it is important to understand that the purpose of boosters is to extend the protection the vaccine provides over time for preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death. A booster shot will not prevent a breakthrough infection.  We still strongly recommend that you follow CDC guidelines for masking in indoor public places and in outdoor settings when you cannot distance, handwashing and social distancing during this time of high community prevalence of the delta variant.

Questions and Honest Answers About COVID-19 Vaccine

While the vaccines are publicly praised as our best path out of the pandemic, it's understandable to have questions and concerns about whether it's right for you. This series features questions our doctors frequently hear about the COVID-19 vaccine and their honest answers.

Doses Administered

We have administered more than 181,688 first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to patients and employees.