Cutis is the Latin word for skin and Cutaneous Lymphoma is a type of cancer of the lymph nodes that first makes its appearance on the skin. The malignant cells can multiply through the lymph nodes at a rapid rate and then appear in other parts of the body.

Emory dermatologists work with a multidisciplinary team of oncologists and physicians for diagnosis and treatment of this condition at the Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic.

While Cutaneous Lymphoma was once considered rare, the cases have doubled in the last several years, while still representing only about 4 cases per million persons. Twice as many men contract the disease as women and the incidence is much higher with people of African descent, versus European or Asian.

There is much speculation about the reasons for this but the causes are still not known. However, centers such as The Emory Department of Dermatology Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic are dedicated to research to discover the causes, as well as new treatment options.


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