Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Center

Emory Dermatology participates in a multidisciplinary melanoma management group which incorporates elements of early detection, world recognized Dermatopathology, state of the art staging, clinical trials for advance disease, and basic research delving into the basic mechanisms of the disease. Early detection tools include our pigmented lesion clinics staffed by Drs. Chen and Washington, and access to "mole mapping" photographic services which provides critical information required for optimal surveillance. Drs. Chen and Arbiser are involved in fundamental studies into the impact and cause of melanoma moving the frontiers of our understanding. Appropriate patients for referral include:

  • those who have been diagnosed with a melanoma
  • those who have dysplastic nevus syndrome (many abnormal moles and a family or personal history of melanoma, which places them at greater risk for developing melanoma)
  • those referred by their primary physician for consultation on a particular lesion


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