Hospital stays can be tough on you and your loved ones. When you’re facing a hospital stay, (also known as inpatient care) it helps to know you’re being treated by doctors whose main role is to smooth the way for a better stay. These doctors, called hospitalists, diagnose and manage your health problems during the time you’re getting inpatient care.

What an Emory Clinic hospitalist does

Emory Clinic Hospital Medicine is the nation’s largest academic hospital medicine program. During your stay at one of our hospitals, you can expect our board-certified Emory Clinic hospitalist team to:

  • Provide the highest-quality care.
  • Examine or evaluate you once a day or more.
  • Consult with a number of doctors on our hospitalist team.
  • Stay in communication with your nurses and other hospital staff.
  • Review your test results.
  • Meet with your family to make sure they have the best information about you.
  • Share information and work closely with your primary care doctor.
  • Be in the hospital 24 hours a day to respond to you and your family’s needs.

Along with the main duty of overseeing your care during your hospital stay, our hospitalists also help educate future health care professionals and perform research that leads to better hospital care.

They know our hospitals inside and out

The hospitalists who are part of the Emory Clinic Hospital Medicine team have a deep knowledge of every specialist and department in our hospitals. This smooths the way for a faster recovery for you because they can follow up on tests and adjust your treatments throughout the day based on test results and their teamwork with other doctors. Their focus is always on you and your hospital stay.

Emory Clinic Hospital Medicine services

There are over a hundred doctors providing hospital medicine services at our hospitals in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.
• They offer a number of benefits and services from the first day of your hospital stay until the day you leave.
• Meet our leadership team.

Location and contact information

Emory Clinic Hospital Medicine provides care through hospitalists at locations in Atlanta, Snellville, Johns Creek and LaGrange.

Learn more about our appointment and referral information or call an Emory Clinic hospitalist at 404-778-6382.