• social information if applicable

Day two will focus specifically on your operating unit's culture, policies and procedures. Depending on where your new job is based, you may be directed to a different location to learn more about your operating unit. During New Employee System Orientation, your orientation facilitator will be able to help guide you to the location of your operating unit orientation.

Operating Unit Orientation Locations

Directions to Emory Clinic

Directions to Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Directions to Emory University Hospital (operating unit orientation is held in a different room than system orientation)

Directions to Emory University Hospital Midtown

Directions to Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

*Emory Wesley Woods Center employees will attend operating unit orientation at Emory University Hospital.

After Your Two-Day Orientation, Day Three

For most employees, orientation does not end after the second day. Employees either report to their departments for department-specific orientation, or continue to additional orientations, such as Patient Services Orientation, based on their job duties. If you are unsure which orientation you should attend, please refer to your offer letter or ask the orientation facilitator at either EHC New Employee or operating unit orientation.

Getting used to a new work environment can be a challenge. At Emory Healthcare, we have all embarked on a journey toward providing quality care. As a new employee, be sure to explore the resources made available to you.

In addition to educational materials – such as the new employee welcome packet – take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience of your co-workers. Ask your leader for a “buddy” to help you navigate the system or take part in team-building activities. We’re all in this together!

Post-offer Health Assessment

Emory Healthcare Employee Health/Occupational Injury Management provides comprehensive, customer-focused occupational health services, in a confidential manner, to employees of Emory Healthcare. All prospective employees, with an offer of employment, need to complete a health assessment and drug screening prior to beginning New Employee Orientation and job responsibilities.

The baseline health assessment is performed to ensure that employees meet minimum requirements for the safety of themselves, patients, families and co-workers in the health care environment.

Health assessment requirements

  • Completion of the Emory Healthcare Baseline Health Assessment. This form will be reviewed by the Employee Health nurse.
  • Tuberculosis history - Provide documentation of last TB skin test, or chest X-ray if history of positive TB skin test. A two-step PPD is required for new employees of Emory Healthcare.
  • Immunization review
    • MMR -- Provide documentation of receiving two doses of the vaccine if born in 1957 or later. If vaccine records are not available, provide documentation of positive titers for Rubella and Rubeola.
    • Hepatitis B vaccine -- Provide documentation of a series of three vaccines along with documentation of positive titer to confirm immunity.
    • Review history of chickenpox
  • Physical assessment to include height, weight, blood pressure, vision testing, color vision screening if indicated, back injury prevention and respiratory medical evaluation if indicated.
  • Applicants with risk for occupational exposure to blood or other infectious materials as well as any other occupational hazards are identified by Employee Health. Appropriate immunizations and/or personal protective equipment (PPE) will be discussed at that time.

At the completion of the above requirements, new applicants will be medically evaluated for clearance as an Emory Healthcare employee.